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About Me

I’m a Professional WordPress Plugin Developer Focused on Delivering Premium WordPress Plugins. Crafting top-notch attention-grabbing websites and advanced WordPress plugins is where my expertise lies. And I’d love helping you out.

  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • WordPress Plugin Customisation
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • WordPress Theme Customisation
  • Headless CMS
  • React JS
  • DevOps
  • WordPress Core Contributor V5 and V6
  • bbPress Contributor
  • BuddyPress Contributor
  • Plugin Developer/Plugin Author
  • WP-CLI Contributor
  • Translation Contributor
  • Translation Editor
  • Profession PHP Industrial Training: TOPS Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Certificate of Completion: PHP SoloLearn
  • WordPress Certification:
  • WordPress Level Pro Certification:
  • Git Essential Training: The Basics Linkedin
  • Learning Gatsby: Linkedin
  • WordPress REST API: Authentication Linkedin
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